Some requests

We hate to think of any bumps, cuts or scrapes to any of our guests – little or big ….. so please take good care of all ‘little ones’ you have with you at the villa – steps, stairs and table corners are hard and unforgiving.

Swimming pools can be dangerous – best also not to let anyone (young or old) run around the pool area, and we request that there is adult supervision anytime the pool is being used. The villa has plenty of plastic glasses so please do not use ‘smashable’ glasses outside around the terrace and pool area.

And it’s probably a good idea to be sure that any more ‘life experienced’ members of your party are reasonably mobile (enough to get them selves up and down the villa steps).

Please only use the supplied beach towels for taking out of the villa.

We ask you to refrain from smoking inside the villa – we hope that there is sufficient area outside to use as smoking area for those who have still not managed to “kick the habit”.

Drink drive laws are as per the UK, so best to get a cab back to the villa after a fun night out for any of you that like a glass or 3 with dinner.

Thank you!

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