Things you should know


Visitors to Turkey are required to purchase entry visas via the Turkish Government website prior to travel

Currently the cost of the e-visa is $20 and the process is very straightforward

Some Turkish words and phrases

Hello – Merhaba
Good morning – Günaydın
Good evening – Iyi akşamlar!
Please – Lütfen
Thanks – Teşekkürler
How are you? – Nasılsınız?
I’m fine – Iyiyim
Bye – Hoşça kal
How much is this? – How much is this?


Meze – a selection of starters often for sharing but also individually. May include stuffed vine leaves, mint and yoghurt dip, courgette fritters, deep fried cheese pastries, baked stuffed aubergines, broad bean pate and a selection of salads

Kebabs – most famous of all Turkish food – comes in different forms and may be served as kofte which are meatballs, chunks of meat grilled on a skewer or finely sliced doner kebap

Baclava – layers of filo pastry interlea ved with nuts and drenched in honey

Helva – served either slightly warm or cold – made from se same seeds and flavoured with pistachios or chocolate


A drink in Kalkan always comes with a spectacular view when taken in the town. There are a number of wine bars, cocktail bars and more traditional pubs

Turkey is wine producing country – one of the most famous is Pamukkale, which is exported all over the world, but all the most popular grapes are produced, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay Kavaklidere wine is produced from wine from the Anatolia region, and is exported to Europe, Middle East and United States Most wines are available in supermarkets and restaurants

Most famous beer in Turkey is Efes, which is clean, refreshing and very easy to drink on warm sunny days or evenings There are also many choices of other Turkish, European and American beers available

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